Art, Creativity & Healing in Hawaii’s Inspiration Magazine by Donia Lilly

Art Creativity Healing article by Donia Lilly in Hawaii's Inspiration Magazine spring 2015

I recently had an article published in the Spring 2015 issue of Hawaii’s Inspiration Magazine entitled Art, Creativity & Healing. I will post a copy of the article below for those of you who don’t live in a Hawaii and can’t get a copy of the magazine. I hope it ignites […] Read more »

Cobalt Apps: Amazing & flexible WordPress tool for artists

pencil drawing of evil penguin

So I have finally accomplished the website overhaul and redesign I have been planning on doing since 2009 (!) Why did it take me nearly FOUR YEARS to do it (aside from procrastination, of course)? I couldn’t find the right tool for what I wanted to do with my site […] Read more »