Hawaiian Home Decor: Why Fine Art Metal Prints Are Perfect For Humid Climates Like Hawaii (or Texas, or Georgia, or Florida…)

Are you an Art Lover?

Have you dealt with the frustration (& sadness) of discovering your favorite art or photograph is growing mold behind the glass, on the back of the painting, or worse – actually eating away the paint?

Or even stuck to the glass due to condensation forming on the inside of your beloved artwork or cherished fine art photo?

Or are you a condo or vacation rental owner or interior decorator?

Are you tired of finding weather ruined artwork that must be replaced year after year as nothing will stand up to the salty Kona winds or perpetual dampness of the North Shore?

A metal print is an economical & archival choice for displaying artwork.

Metal prints are scratch-resistant and waterproof (important for those living in the tropics or subtropics, like Hawaii, Florida, Texas and most of the South, as well as in other countries) which means they are a great choice for hanging art in bathrooms or kitchens where steam will damage works on paper or canvas. (Please note that although they are archival and waterproof (which means they can also be hung outside), like any art they should not be hung in direct sunlight or they will fade. This goes for any of your art inside the house — no direct sunlight EVER!)

Metal prints don’t need to be matted or framed which cuts down on overall decorating cost!

art metal print backing - Donia Lilly

Metal Print Backing – economical hanging alternative to picture framing

The float hanger mounted on the back means it’s ready to hang:  No framing necessary. The metal print “floats” 1/2 inch off the wall for a very clean, contemporary look. If you like a more traditional feel, metal prints can also be framed in any style you prefer. And if you’re short on wall space, but have shelf or altar space, the rigidity and versatility of metal prints make them perfect for standing up on a shelf or altar as well.

You can find metal prints of my art with links to many more in my Etsy shop on my Art Prints page. 


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