Blood Moon – Lunar Eclipse art: 2014 & 2007

Full eclipse Blood Moon acrylic art by Donia Lilly

Full eclipse – “Blood Moon II”

April 15th, 2014’s “Blood Moon” (or April 14th for lucky people like me living in Hawaii, where the lunar eclipse viewing falls nicely around 9pm) will definitely be worth watching from beginning to end. I know because the last time one was visible when I was living in Spain in 2007, I lay on my balcony watching its slow, but fascinating progress. (If you’re not familiar with the term “blood moon” it refers to a full lunar eclipse, when the moon looks “red” (really, a burnt sienna) in the sky. Most lunar eclipses are only partial ones, or are in locations and times of the day when we can’t see this amazing celestial phenomenon. So if you’re able to view this total eclipse of the moon, wherever you are, you should.)

The images from the last blood moon were seared into my mind, I then created a series of paintings from it. (I have obsessively painted the moon for almost 20 years, and have painted from memory for 15.)

I’m really hoping that the skies will be clear enough over Kauai tonight to warrant me staying up past my bedtime, as the last total lunar eclipse was a magical experience.

The moon hung like a red-ripe apricot in the sky, waiting to be plucked and savored. (This painting of that moment is in a private collection in Spain).

Blood Moon painting by Kauai Hawaii artist Donia Lilly

“Blood Moon” painting by Donia Lilly

At the end of the total eclipse the light emerged, larger than the dark orb obscuring it, conjuring images of the moon giving birth. Parto in Spanish is the word for that moment of birth, thus the name of this painting (the original is still available – click image for more info) below: “Lunar Eclipse: Parto”

acrylic painting of lunar eclipse blue grey black red by Kauai, Hawaii artist Donia Lilly

Blood Moon – “Lunar Eclipse: Parto” art by Donia Lilly


Oh! And I also have a brand new Moon Paintings website set up just for my moon art where you can find greeting cards (and coming soon, a moon calendar) and more originals. The “Blood Moon II” painting below will be available soon on the website – feel free to email me if you’re interested in more info on it…

Full eclipse Blood Moon acrylic art by Donia Lilly

Full eclipse – “Blood Moon II”

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